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High Performing & Happy Teams

High-Performing Happy Teams is practical guide that includes lectures, a written guide and tools that will help you build the team of your dreams.  

Trying to decide if this is for you?

Who, specifically, is this course for?

The Accidental Manager

You are a highly specialized individual that ended up in management due to your skills in a non-managerial domain.

The Emerging Leader

You recently advanced from a senior role to team leader or manager. The promotion brought about not only prestige but also a set of challenges tied to overseeing people and project management.

The Expanding Entrepreneur

You are a solo entrepreneur who has seen steady growth in her business over the last few years.You lack experience in team building and management, so the task of hiring and leading a team feels daunting.

The Ambitious Trailblazer

You quickly moved up from a mid-level professional to a managerial role due to your exceptional skills and ambition. You're keen to make a mark but lack the experience in people management.

The Reluctant Manager

You are a seasoned professional with a specialized niche who found themselves in a managerial role more due to organizational needs than personal aspirations. While you excel technically, you may lack exposure or training in people management.

What You'll Learn Inside of the Course

Video Course (2 hours)  +  Written Guide + 6 Practical Templates


Learn to Manage Performance

When leaders apply these principles and practices, they set a strong foundation for a team that thrives in productivity and positivity, therefore caring about the business.

Create Purpose

To harness this diversity and drive cohesive action, a common goal is critical. This shared objective not only serves as a motivator but also streamlines execution.


Deliver Through Execution

Execution is the pulsating heartbeat of any project or team effort. It's the stage where plans materialize, where theory meets practice, and where visions are translated into tangible realities.


With the growing trend of remote work and distributed teams, I found it crucial to dedicate a unique section to this topic. We're living in an era where 'office' has taken on a new definition and the boundaries of traditional workspace are being redefined. 


6 Practical Templates Included!

Our templates were created based on my experience
working at some of the most successful 
companies ( Instagram, StackOverflow, and many more!)



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