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Meet Marina

When you learn that you can do more with less, you will be able to do less and get more

Entrepreneur, AI expert,
mom and speaker

Marina is an entrepreneur and Tech leader with a product-first mindset that leverages her innovation expertise to shape technology, product and strategy in complex tech markets. Having set a career path for herself in data and AI, she has worked on creating smart and nimble data products in her roles at various companies that use modern technologies to deliver value for the business and customer.
Marina is an experienced Data Engineering and Data Science Product leader. Former Principal Technical Product Manager at StackOverflow, and previously Data Engineering Manager for the Instagram Core Ads team, she set the vision for AI-driven technologies and aided teams in achieving their goals.

As the Ads Data Engineering leader at Meta (Instagram), she worked closely with other senior leaders and executives to shape the vision of data and AI products within the organisation, specifically around the Instagram Core Ads Algorithm.  As the Director of Engineering and Product of Data Science at Jellyvision, she lead teams of data engineers and data scientists and product,  to produce tangible results and innovative solutions.
Marina has exceptional managerial skills and, beyond creating high-performing happy teams, she has adeptly handled difficult situations through high-growth moments and moments of recession. She has been working on strategies to shift companies' data strategy from a cost-based model to a revenue-center through Machine Learning and AI.
Prior to joining Instagram and Jellyvision, Marina led the vision and execution of the Data Science Platform as a Product Manager at Uptake, an industrial IoT company, and at a former Fortune500 e-commerce company. Leveraging her cross-industry AI experience, Marina continues to create new ideas and applications of AI.

Marina lives between Rotterdam, Netherlands and Chicago, USA with her family, and seeks to continue shaping the future of the next company and her community through her spirited leadership in software engineering, innovation and, data science but most importantly by continuing to support Inclusion and Diversity efforts. Marina is a big advocate of having more women in Tech and demonstrated her commitment by partnering with (former ITA) 1871 in the co-creation of the Women Influence Chicago Accelerator program, creating a podcast in which she is interviewing prominent women in underrepresented fields (UNBOSSED with Marina) and re-establishing The Chicago Woman's Club.

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